Covid Vaccination(Covishield) is free to all (above 18 year). pregnant & lactating mothers are also eligible for vaccination on 27 sep 2021 monday, from 8 AM to 6PM. कोविड टीकाकरण (Covishield) सभी के लिए मुफ्त है (18 वर्ष से ऊपर) । गर्भवती वा स्तनपान कराने वाली महिलाये भी 27 सितंबर 2021 दिन सोमवार को सुबह 8 बजे से शाम 6 बजे तक टीकाकरण करवा सकते हैं । स्थान- विनीता हॉस्पिटल प्राइवेट लिमिटेड
  • 10-3 B, Bypass Road Phaphamau, Prayagraj, U.P.
  • 24 X 7 Open
  • NABH Accredited & ISO 9001: 2015 Certified


Treatment of all spinal disease
Slip disk, sciatica slip vertebra spine T.B spine tumor crooked spine (Scoliosis, kyphosis ) spine Fracture stenosis spondylitis spinal Paralysis spine osteoporosis
Mile Digital x-ray
* Normal digital x-ray
* Color x-ray
* Barium mile Digital
* Barium Swallow
* Digital I.V.P etc
Whole Body Spiral CT
* Brain CT scan
* CT scan of chest
* CT scan of abdomen
* CT scan of nose and sinus
* CT scan of joints
* CT scan of bone
Ultrasound, color Doppler
* High-Resolution Ultrasound
* Color Ultrasound
* Color Doppler
* 2d echo etc.
Computerized pathology
* Clinical Pathology
* Bio Chemistry
* Histopathology
* Hormonal check
* Biopsy check etc.
Cardiac examination
* ECG (12 channels)
* 2-D Echo etc.
Articular implants, arthroscopy
Complete diagnosis of arthritis by drugs and operation, Complete and partial transplantation of arthritic joints, Knee implantation, hip transplantation, shoulder transplant, Ulna transplantation,transplantation of joints with Arthritis, sports injury, Microscopic surgery, arthroscopic surgery of Ligament fracture, Previously wrong and failed implants, or joint Special treatment to cure short or crooked legs.
Multi-specialty trauma (accident)
Head Injury- Neuro, Ortho Trauma Management,Facio Maxillary Fracture Surgery, Complex Fracture, Ortho Trauma Management, Micro Vascular Surgery Reconstruction and Rehabilitation. Facilities- C.T Scan Digital X-ray Trauma ICU Artho, Neuro Specialist available 24 hours
* Stone - Lithotripsy (Holmium Laser)
* Kidney Stone Clinic
* Without Blood Prostate Surgery - Green Laser
* Ultrasonic Electro Magnetic
* Bladder Tumor Surgery
* Lithotripsy (Holmium Laser)
* Impotence, Infertility treatment
* Kidney Tumor Surgery.
Plastic, cosmetic, micro vascular surgery
To remove severe burns, to remove accident marks, to remove congenital deformity, to get beauty by removing the innate maladies, to rebuild severely burned, severed limbs.
Examination and treatment of sinus, hooliganism, deafness, tonsils, snoring etc by high-tech microscope, surgery by coblator, audiometry hormone therapy.
Medical treatment of Cancer, Targeted Chemotherapy (by Chemo Port), Concurrent chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormone therapy.
Obstetrics & Gynae
Pregnant women’s problem, women’s internal organ’s problem infertility, leucorrhea, menopause and all other gynecological treatments.
General, Laparoscopic Surgery
Gall Bladder, Appendix, Hernia, Hydrocele Laparoscopic Surgery.
Dental, oral diseases
Dental and gum treatment, cavity filling, scaling, root canal treatment, bracing tooth implant.

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